Business Planning


Unlike with most other pension plans, 401(k) plans give employees the opportunity to save additional funds for retirement. Participating employees elect to defer a portion of their compensation on a tax deferred basis to a qualified retirement plan. By doing so, they avoid current income taxes on the contribution and do not pay tax until the benefits are distributed.

The amount of contribution that can be deferred by an employee is limited by the tax law. Companies may also make matching contributions on behalf of each participating employee. If your company already has a profit-sharing or other “defined contribution” plan, a 401(k) option may be an easy and inexpensive to add.
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Simple IRA

Savings Incentive Match Plans for Employees of Small Employers

What Is a SIMPLE?
A SIMPLE-IRA plan is a new type of employer-sponsored retirement plan. A SIMPLE has its own special features which will make it attractive to some employers and unattractive to others. The purpose of this brochure is to explain the basic features of a SIMPLE-IRA plan. If you are an employee and not an employer, you will still benefit from understanding how a SIMPLE plan works. An employee may enjoy substantial tax benefits by participating in a SIMPLE-IRA plan. You may wish to inform your employer that it should consider establishing such a plan.
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Keyman Policy

Could your company bear the loss of a key executive or key employee? Who will lead your company when the CEO retires? What if your top salesperson or partner becomes permanently disabled? Do you have a plan? Becker Osburn Financial specializes in helping companies of all sizes protect their essential business assets with key man insurance.
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Business Continuation

What do you want to happen with your business in the event of death or disability – either yours or a co-partner’s? How will your retirement affect your company’s future? Do you want the business to remain in the family?

A solid business continuation plan can help answer your business continuation and succession needs with a custom-tailored plan designed to Protect years of financial investment in your business, and Ensure your family is well taken care of. Read More…